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Kibitzing a Single Seat at a BBO Table

Using the BBO Windows client (the downloaded program)

1. CNTL-P to open your profile.
2. Click the tab labeled "At a table".
3. In the bottom right is a box labeled "When kibitzing" -- click the button for the seat you want to kibitz.

Using the BBO Browser system (through the URL)

1. Click Options near the top of your window, then More Options...
2. Click the Advanced Options tab.
3. Select the seat you want to kibitz from the pulldown menu labeled Kibitzing.

In the browser system, it is also possible to kibitz an occupied seat by right-clicking on the seat.
A second right-click returns you to kibitzing all seats.

Using Chat Assistant (your preferences must be set to show these buttons)

1. Click the button for the seat you want to kibitz.

We are searching for talented, world class teachers to teach through this website.
For more information about lessons or classes, or if you are interested in teaching a class through this website,
please contact Cornelia Yoder at
or by skype at corneliayoder.

Classes are held on Bridge Base Online (BBO).

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